Single Denomination Mode

Quickly Separate Mixed Bills

Bills other than the denomination selected are automatically sent to the reject pocket

Reconditioned Currency Counter/Discriminators

Worn parts have been replaced as needed, machines have been adjusted back to original factory specifications.

If you purchase a reconditioned machine from Aker Service Co and it is not up to your expectations, simply return it.

Mixed Mode

Quickly Count Mixed Bills

Enables the operator to get a quick count without separating the bills, any bills not read (torn, folded, washed out, etc) are automatically sent to the reject pocket.

"Reconditioned" Two Pocket Cummins ® JetScan®

Currency Counter/Discriminator

Thermal Printer, Automatically Prints Totals
Small Footprint
5½"W x 7½"D x 5"H
275.00 w/cable

 Journal Printer

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