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Coin Sorting Pad, 13"
Cummins Models
6000, 6601
coin sorter/counters
OEM # 700-0172-00
Order # AKP0136000

75.50 ea

Coin Sorting Pad, 8"

Cummins Model

1600 Series

Coin Sorter/Counters

OEM #610-0054-00

Order # AKP008

46.50 ea

We stock both new and good used replacement parts for current and obsolete models. We are only listing here the high usage/high demand parts. If you don't see what you need, please call or contact us with a description or picture of the parts that you need.

If you are having problems with a machine but aren't sure what you can do or what you need to order, call us, we have been servicing these machines for many years and may be able to help diagnose your problem over the phone.

Coin Sorting Pad, 13"
Cummins Models

750, 5000
coin sorter/counters
Order # AKP0135000
72.00 ea

Cummins Coin Machines

Parts & Supplies

 Coin Feed Belt

Cummins Model 136

Coin Counter/Packager

Order # AKP1666

11.95 ea

Coin Sorting Pad, 11"
Cummins Model
3601, 4601, Self Service Models 
coin sorter/counters w/exact bagstops
Order # AKP011SS
67.00 ea

Coin Sorting Pad, 11"
Cummins Model
2000, 3000
coin sorter/counters
OEM #600-0126-00
Order # AKP011
62.50 ea